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There are a thousand other rp blogs for the canon character I play. So what do you like about MINE?

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Thank you so much. I am glad we get to role play together. Sorry for any laziness on my part. My brain doesn’t work on certain days and I have much going on right now. I appreciate it.


Seriously! I’m not. I am a lazy Hinata role player. ((I mean thank you. ;-; ))


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—{☍}—Hands laced behind his back as Virus watched the young boy hoisted away by the dead eyed ribsters. This boy was a lost cause as far as Virus was concerned however the detail about his mind was interesting, he wondered how well he’d take to the scrap process. As the other proceeded to speak Virus arched a blond brow. “Of course why do you think these men are helping you now? I wouldn’t have a deal without something fun for me now would I?”

With a flick of his wrists the waved the men off and they carted the boy into the belly of the complex. Down and down they went until he was thrust upon a cold medical table. Threads and metal strewn into the skin piecing him back to normality. Of course Virus was well out of the room and let the other deal with him wasn’t his concern. When the last stitch had been snipped he waltzed back in. “Hinata-san is it? I did a little digging on you and I have just the deal-” He paused crystalline hues slimming as he spoke almost happy. “Actually… you’ve already agreed to this, so I can just go ahead and explain. I want to know details of where you come from and this brain surgery you’ve undergone. Tell me everything you know. In return you continue to live as long as you prove yourself useful. Hopes peak doesn’t exist to you anymore. You’re now until death Morphine.” 

Hinata was far too weak to muster an emotional response. But, those venomous words pierced his brain like a needle through a pin-cushion. His heart sank to his stomach. Cracked lips quiver as the air is pushed out of his lungs. A faint wheezing is carried upward. Tears staining his bloodied cheeks, body jolting in response of being held and carried. As he was placed down, he could feel the metallic slab press against ripped shirt. The pain of the stitches being pulled felt so surreal.

So desperate to escape the clutches of whoever had taken him into custody, Hinata attempted to muster up a plan, but it was no use. What did this man have in store for him? What would happen if he stayed silent. .

-n-no time for weighing your options, Hinata! Think d-damn it, think!-

Spotting the unsettling pleasantness of the stranger’s tone, Hinata whimpered almost inaudibly.  Not having a choice in the matter, the brunette obeyed. Maybe if he were good, he’d be let free? Not a chance in hell… this man seemed to have struck these deals for quite sometime. This most certainly a deal with the devil. .

-I….c-can pull through… nngh… K-komaeda… N-nidai… N-nanami… w-where are you? I-I shouldn’t have been in the program… -

"I-I was selected to be the candidate for the school’s big underground project… T-they were using the money from the Reserve Course to buy the equipment… I-I signed t-the paperwork because they said it would guarantee me a chance to be with the students at Hope’s P-peak. . I-I woke up a-after being put under the knife a-and then f-felt no different… I-I ran once I overheard the surgeon speak of plans t-to change genetics and personality… I-I wanted to be me! T-the artificial t-talent didn’t matter! T-they wanted to rename me after the school’s f-founder… I-I couldn’t do it… I-I am smarter… b-but my talent… i-it was to rid the world of Despair… t-to be the most hopeful high school student… t-the mind of a genius…r-reborn founder of Hope’s Peak… Izuru, Kamukura. ."

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{ the-one-without-a-title }

It had been a while since Makoto returned to Hope’s Peak Academy ever since he and his friends left … quite honestly, they should have killed him. Right now, he should have been dead, being an accomplice to despair. But instead, he was kept alive. He did not know where his friends were — he did not know where Junko was — he did not know himself at all.

He stood at the front of the school, memories of school life and despair and hope and his execution and all those things all swirling about in his mind — it was almost painful. He didn’t like it one bit. He didn’t like the feeling of unsureness always swimming about his gut when he thought about how he took other lives.

Yes … he was so very unsure …


Tch.” He scoffed and turned around, only to be met with the sight of a dark figure in the distance. His absurdly long hair made Makoto frown slightly. Even from this far, he could sense the threat… and he was not in the mood to get into any more useless scuffles.

He turned back to the school, idly wondering if the bodies of the mutually killed were still there, and he slowly approached the front door …

"Makoto, Naegi… what brings you to a facility such as this? Paying a visit to the ones you have destroyed? How charming…"

Cold, ruby orbs seemed to glow as they observed a familiar face. . that boy from the 78th class… the one that fell into Despair. The fallen savior of Hope… It made Izuru’s gut wrench. Fingers laced upon the bloodied blade that lay in his pocket.

Preparing to defeat the possible obstacle. Scuffles were mindless, the raven-haired teen was out for bloodshed.  Stepping towards the other cautiously, wanting to get a better look at the despaired brunette. Wiping the sanguine liquid that peppered his face from a fresh kill. . his mission was simple: Eradicate those in the way, no matter what side they were on.  Like a hungry beast in waiting, Izuru gripped the scalpel, the icy handle caressing his porcelain fingers.

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A Meeting with the Queen of Liars

As the silence stretched on, Celestia grew suspicious. It was never a good sign when someone went quiet for such a period of time after asking a simple question as to what was one’s identity. Rightfully so, Celestia became more alert, watching him closely, her red eyes locking with his. 

"It’s lovely meeting you, Kamukura-san," she said, devoid of any true emotion, simply going through the motions of a typical greeting. She was more focused on studying the individual in front of her, trying to understand what had him so fascinated. 

However, as he continued speaking, the gambler smirked. “What an interesting philosophy you have there,” she commented, her tone taking on just a slightly snarky edge. “I do indeed. I suppose you are a student as well?” Now this was getting interesting. She hoped he wasn’t simply a reserve course student, but it was hard to tell. Whatever he was, he was certainly…different, but Celestia couldn’t exactly pin what what different about him. She would have to continue her examination. “And, just so I am understood, if I am expected to allow you to delve into my personal affairs, I hope you will allow me to delve into yours. It’s only fair, after all.”


Ruby orbs continuously fixed Celestia, Izuru pondered silently. There was something artificial about her. It wasn’t an assumption based upon appearance, but her tone. It was all too familiar to him. Bleak, devoid of any emotion… a tactic he had been using to conceal the sliver of Hinata’s consciousness. Silencing the voice of the past in order to move forward.

Celestia… the name sounded like it belonged to a storybook character, a false princess of sorts. From her porcelain skin to the delicate yet elaborate tendril-like ringlets on her head. . He could feel Hinata begin to  awaken inside of him once more upon hearing her statement, cutting off his current thought. She mustn’t know who he is. . Hinata was dead, the surgery did its duties. 

"I suppose it is so. . I was a student at Kibougamine. ."

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